You can acquire your visa at the Yerevan airport.  In this case, please do so before proceeding to immigration control.  You will see the visa desk as soon you get off the escalator in the airport arrivals hall.  The 21-days visa fee is 3,000 AMD = USD8.  Please have this amount in cash as the Yerevan airport’s ATMs not always serve the cards issued by foreign banks.

Alternatively, you can obtain an e-Visa through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Armenia.  An e-Visa is equivalent to a conventional visa, but no paper is inserted in your passport and there is no need for you to contact an Armenian diplomatic mission to submit an application. Applications for e-Visas can be submitted online, verified on line.  E-visas will be approved and issued to you via email within two business days. (Note: Typically short-term university visitors apply for a 21-day e-visa under category 7 or regular tourist category 1 without any problems.)  A 21-day visa costs $8 on line. Please apply for your e-Visa at least seven days prior to your departure (

The citizens of the following countries with all types of passports shall be exempt from the requirement to obtain a visa to enter the Republic of Armenia from January 10, 2013.

The citizens of the specified countries can stay in the territory of the Republic of Armenia

up to 180 days per year.

1. Republic of Austria

2. Kingdom of Belgium

3. Republic of Bulgaria

4. Federal Republic of Germany

5. Kingdom of Denmark

6. Republic of Estonia

7. Republic of Ireland

8. Iceland

9. Kingdom of Spain

10. Republic of Italy

11. Republic of Latvia

12. Republic of Poland

13. The Principality of Liechtenstein

14. Republic of Lithuania

15. Grand Duchy of Luxembourg

16. Republic of Cyprus

17. Republic of Greece

18. Hungary

19. Republic of Malta

20. United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

21. The Netherlands

22. Kingdom of Norway

23. Kingdom of Sweden

24. Swiss Confederation

25. Czech Republic

26. Republic of Portugal

27. Republic of Romania

28. Slovak Republic

29. Republic of Slovenia

30. Republic of Finland

31. Republic of France